November 2016 archive

Nov 28

Critiques and Reviews

Critiques and reviews Two sessions: Week 1 NB: Ask readers in advance to read : Writing Reviews Ask members to write down a short list of what they think they should look for/comment on, if asked to write a critique of a short story that would be useful to the writer. Share and discuss ideas …

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Nov 24

Saying Goodbye to One of Our Writers: Trish Maw

Saying Goodbye to One of Our Writers: Trish Maw Sadly, in June of this year our friend, Trish Maw died after an illness of several months. Trish was one of our ‘Visitors’ on the website and always a welcome visitor at our meetings and workshops. She liked to spend a couple of months, once or …

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Nov 14

Where to start your story

Where to start your story Before the session members should read ‘Finding Inspiration for your Writing’ The opening paragraph of a story can determine whether the reader is enthused, curious and eager to read on, intrigued….. Think about ordinary places, shops, car parks, bus stops, seaside promenades, petrol stations…. Extraordinary or just interesting, unusual or …

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Nov 08

Characters and objects

Characters and objects Part 1 Thinking about characters and objects that they own/use . Example 1. A woman who owns and uses: A powder compact A small hat with a veil A neat, expensive handbag Imagine her and think about her appearance, her dress, her personality, what she might do, where she might live…. anything …

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Nov 02

What do you think if….?

What do you think if….?   You notice, when a man in a suit bends down, that he is carrying a gun.          What would your first thoughts be? Would your first thoughts and feelings be different in different places….? A woman sits in front of you on an airport bus with …

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