Nov 02

What do you think if….?

What do you think if….?


  1. You notice, when a man in a suit bends down, that he is carrying a gun.

Detective, Gun, Man, Neutralizer, Person, Hat

         What would your first thoughts be? Would your first thoughts and feelings be different in different places….?

People, City, Person, Urban, Lifestyle, Young, Adult

  1. A woman sits in front of you on an airport bus with just a very small, nearly empty rucksack and heads for departures.

Business, Man, Standing, Waiting, Bag, Telephone

  1. A conservatively dressed, middle aged man is carrying a clearly female-style and coloured handbag.

Super, Mami, Mama, Bebe, Arms, Happy, Girl, Fruit

  1. A woman is hurrying and continually looking nervously over her shoulder, carrying a tiny infant.


Write a short answer to each scenario.


Share and discuss them, particularly looking at similarities and differences in the responses.

Discuss the relevance for writers of what the discussions have raised.


Choose one of the scenarios and write a short story, or the opening of a story, bearing in mind what has been discussed.

Share and discuss.

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