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Characters and objects

Characters and objects

Part 1

Thinking about characters and objects that they own/use

.Handbag, Bag, Woman, Black And White

Example 1.

A woman who owns and uses:

A powder compact

A small hat with a veil

A neat, expensive handbag

  1. Imagine her and think about her appearance, her dress, her personality, what she might do, where she might live…. anything that comes to mind freely.

Do not labour over the task, just let the ideas come from the clues and your visual imagination.

  1. When you feel you can see her in your mind’s eye, write down 2 other things that she might own.
  2. Now describe her as you see her, and in no more than 200 words, her ‘story’.

Share and discuss, looking out particularly for similar or very different responses.


Example 2

Fashion, Hat, Panama Hat, Panama Heritage

A man who owns a pair of genuine Ray-ban sunglasses

An expensive casual Armani shirt

A genuine Panama hat.


Do the same exercise, as a written exercise or verbally depending on time and numbers.

Part 2

Each member should now think of a character of their own. It can be made up or it can be a genuine person or a character from a book or film. Focus and try to see the character clearly.

They should name three objects that the person owns or that they see them owning.

Each member should then write two more objects that their person might own and a brief description of the person and their story, as in part one.

Who would play this character in a film?

Without revealing anything about their own work so far each person should name their three objects to the group.

Everyone should repeat the exercise with each example, comparing to see how closely their ideas match given only the three objects as a starting point.

You are not trying to identify the person by name, just ‘a type’ if possible.


Discuss the value of objects as character tags

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