Nov 14

Where to start your story

Where to start your story

Before the session members should read ‘Finding Inspiration for your Writing’

The opening paragraph of a story can determine whether the reader is enthused, curious and eager to read on, intrigued…..

Think about ordinary places, shops, car parks, bus stops, seaside promenades, petrol stations….

Extraordinary or just interesting, unusual or frightening things can, and often do, happen in ordinary places.


  1. Imagine a scene in a shop.

What might happen that would be surprising, remarkable, intriguing?

Write an opening, no more than three sentences, set in a shop which would be sure to catch the attention, imagination and make the reader want to know what was going on



Do the same but set in a cemetery.


  1. Share, and as the openings are read members should jot down their thoughts on the openings and how the story might develop, the genre, what might happen….Share the notes before each writer tells what they had in mind, to see how well the ‘readers’ have picked up their intentions. Open up the discussion.


  1. Choose another setting and write a short opening, as in 1, in a train or bus station or a ferry port



In a car park


  1. Share and discuss, as in 2.


  1. Choose one of the openings and start to develop the story, continuing for homework.

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