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Back to the Writing Group 2017

Back to the Writing Group 2017

A year into 2017 already! Tree down and decorations put away for another year and the house looks really bare! The good news is we still have Christmas cake left to eat up, and everyone knows you cannot start a post Christmas diet till that’s all gone!
One of my Christmas holiday reads was ‘A Christmas Party’ by Georgette Heyer. I really enjoyed relaxing with a good old fashioned detective story with all the stock characters and lots of entertainment value.

I also got the spoof Enid Blyton ‘Five on Brexit Island’ from my son. Hmmm!


The Writing Group reconvenes on Friday 13th January (Don’t worry, it is Tuesday the thirteenth that is ‘unlucky’ in Spain!)
Our first session of the year will be at Dickens Bar as usual. Meet at 11.00 for 11.15 start.
In the first session we will be looking at what we enjoy, look for, expect to find in a book.
All being well, we will have a straight run of weekly sessions through to the beginning of March. I am planning on eight without a break.
Carnival is Monday 27 February this year, celebrated as usual in Arrecife with la Sardina on Ash Wednesday which falls on 01 March. Puerto del Carmen and the other municipalities follow on from the week after. Good Friday is 14 April.

Happy New year everyone.

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