Jan 19

Photographs: A writing suggestion.

Photographs: A writing suggestion.


The task is to write a story featuring a photograph –

Maybe someone finds a photograph that puzzles them/seems to contradict something they ‘knew’ about their family, an event or a person….?

Maybe they are looking for a photograph to show to someone, to validate something, to check their memory….?

Maybe something is happening in a photograph that confuses someone? Is some detail different to what they remember? Is it a fake? Has it been doctored?

Maybe someone is planning to take a photograph, or have a photograph taken of an event, a gathering or a special occasion….?

The only brief is that a photograph must be central to the story.

Write for 30 minutes

Share and discuss.

Consider how people saw the brief and the photograph; were all the photographs hard copy? How much detail was given about the actual appearance of the photograph?

What restrictions have digital photography and storage placed on when, where, by whom photographs are seen?

Will modern photographs, stored digitally get lost as technology advances and the machines that we use become obsolete?

Homework: Ask members to bring one or more photographs next week which will lend themselves to discussion of what we can tell from the background, the clothes, the demeanour of individuals shown …. They should contain one or more people and may or may not include the person sharing it with us.

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