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Twists of Lust and Trust

Twists of Lust and Trust

By Karin Rick


Originally published in German as ‘Chaos Girl’, ‘Twists of Lust and Trust’ is Austrian author, Karin Rick’s ninth book, and her first to be published in English.

It tells of the love affair between Irene and Anita. Anita is impulsive, even reckless. Irene is captivated and looking for commitment but Anita’s lies and prevarications cast doubt on her sincerity and the reality of her love for Irene. The all consuming passion that overwhelms them both whenever they meet may not be enough for Anita. Even after Irene comes to realise this and that the relationship is causing her more frustration than joy, she is lost each time they meet.

The story is told from the viewpoint of Irene and all the elements of an explosive relationship are handled with skill. There is drama, conflict, disappointment, fear and joy, and the author’s skill in bringing the emotions of her characters to life is subtle and effective. She writes with clarity and precision, creating atmosphere and empathy which engage the reader.

The sexual scenes which the book contains are described with honesty and directness. They are an important part of the book but do not dominate.

About the author:

Karin Rick

Karin Rick

Karin Rick is well known as a writer and publicist in German speaking Literary and Academic circles and has been described as ‘a representative of erotic counterculture in literature and essay.’ She is a vivacious and engaging speaker.

She studied languages, journalism and art history and has a degree in interpreting and translating from the University of Vienna. Seen as a pioneer in the development of a sex positive way of looking at different sexuality Karin conceived the symposium ‘Female Sexuality and creativity and Creativity in Psychoanalysis and Literature’ in 1987.

Her first novel was published in 1990. The basic themes of her work are feminine desire, breakout, taboo, domination and submission, erotic adventurism, sexual identity and orientation.

She recently took part in an exhibition about sexuality in Vienna since the time of Freud called ‘Sex in Vienna, Lust Control and Disobedience.’

Karin’s novel, Twists of Lust and Trust is available from Amazon as a book and an on Kindle. Her next book, Venus Wave is also being translated into English.

You can find more about the author at her website



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February 2017


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