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Workshop facilitated by Norman Warwick

Workshop facilitated by Norman Warwick

For Lanzarote Creative Writing Group

10th March 2017

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all following created after read-around and discussion of


 by Paul Simon

See Group Session:

Workshop: A Song About The Moon


an ensemble work by LCWG


Time passes through the eye of a needle

like sound travelling in a past galaxy.                       Leigh Whiting

Time is measured by its seasons                                 Jim Collins

In my dreams Time bends and shatters.                     Anne Collins

Time is a figment, it isn’t true.

It doesn’t stand still and it doesn’t fly

so no one has Time.                                                     Aileen Hendry

We treat Time as either enemy or friend,

depending on the mood of Time,                               Norman Warwick

creatively, productively, lazily, constructively

dependant on the hour, dependant on the day,

dependant on the company, dependant on the pay. Jenny Graham



INTIMACY by Jenny Graham


If you want to write a poem about a friend,

step back, and try to pretend,

what life was like before you met

and what aspects you would like to forget.

Consider how she brightens your day

with words of laughter, words of play.

There to hear your worries and woes

whilst pouring the wine and nudging your toes

and pointing out the man in the silly hat,

reminding you of your precious cat.

Lending you clothes when you’re planning a night,

doing your hair, so you don’t look a fright

listening to your tales of bedroom antics

and demonstrating her own with illustrative frantic.

Tears down the phone at news of bereavements

cheers and champagne at your life achievements.

If you want to write a poem about a friend,

consider your role and try not to offend.


DISTANCE by Norman Warwick


If you want to write of unrequited love

write about He who ignores you from above,

unheeding your concerns of poverty and wealth,

physical well-being and mental health,

He who whispers in the ear of short skirted girls, telling them to leave

and then ignores your prayers as you drink and grieve.


Or, if you must write your song of unrequited love

write about the hand that fits you like a glove

whilst scratching out the back roads

that you have walked from town to town, day by day

until you whisper in her ear that you must be on your way

because so many less travelled roads ahead are waiting

even if her heart  is breaking.


DISCOVERY by Leigh Whiting


If you want to write a poem about ‘something’

let the subject run around you like diamonds in the sky

or when you played in the sand building bridges that collapsed.

If you want to write a poem about nothing.


Arrogance, shame, buffoonery

were called when they asked what you were doing.

‘Nothing’ is a Berlin Wall you can hide your feelings behind

which can be turned down.





by Jim Collins


If you want to write a poem about remembering

task number one is to forget.

Forget what you think you know

and then

turn the old memories, like coins.

Look at the person next to you.

They know you better than you know yourself.

Heads you lose. Tails you win, or also, maybe, lose again.


You cannot be the one you think you were

but nor can you be the one the others see.

So, who are you?

You can be who you choose, but the choices are limited.

Heads or tails?

You lose !


REGRET by Anne Collins


If you want to write a poem about “Life’s Illusions”

cleanse you mind of its confusions.

Touch your heart and search your soul

admit to your life’s true goal

Measure the chasm between your yearning

and where reality forced the turning away

from all you longed to do

so that now all that you are left with is

not you.


EMPATHY by Aileen Hendry


If you want to write a poem about an African traveller

try knocking on a door and asking for water.

“Where have you come from? Is that your daughter?

It’s not that important. It doesn’t really matter.

What are you carrying in those weighty looking bags?

And why are you laughing and slapping each other’s backs?

Unburden yourself of that pack on your back.

Lay under the tree, here, or sit on this sack.
Oh, you have a baby, I couldn’t tell,

trussed up in that towel, like a parcel for sale.

Is she ok?

Shall I bring milk?

Your baby is lovely. Her skin is like silk.”



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