Apr 27



Timanfaya National Park

Soft sea shimmers in the sun

 Sleepy sunbeds face the sea

Such a sparkling sultry sigh

But there’s more to see than shore.

 Leave your sunbeds, leave the sea

Glorious landscape lies within

Gloopy lava, lunar like

 Lonely lookouts, looming cliffs.

 Caverns, castles, culture too

Creative crafts,  contemporary arts

Come you must by cycle, by car

Carry your camera, catch the view.

 Go walking, weird wonders await

Wildlife too, weary and shy

What’s the rush? Relax, unwind

Bodegas abound – wine time.

It’s enriching, fulfilling

There’s more than sea and sand

Still it shimmers in the sun

And the sunbeds face the sea.



Chris Want


January 2017



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