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From little acorns, literary oaks!

From little acorns, literary oaks!

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What fertile ground I have in my writing group! I just lob in a few carefully thought out suggestions and back come amazing ideas and stories. Today we started with single sentences and phrases to see how much we could tell from one line about a story, genre, character….

Good discussion and then a writing task produced the following ideas:

Chris had us downstream where ‘the piranha gathered and gorged on the hapless feast’ and where we learned that Magnus had not been dead when he entered the water!

The story-line was about ecologists pitted against big business in the jungles of the Amazon. 

Ann wrote a virtually completed flash-fiction story in which the protagonist set about his bucket list, galvanised by the knowledge that his days were numbered, and  started by selling everything to free himself from the shackles of ownership with ‘No intention of dying inside, even though he was.’

Jim L gave us a man pushed too far by a shrew of a wife, looking to kill his ‘next’ victim for the sensation of power it gave him! But who would be his final victim? ‘The bitch’ who would slowly regret making him feel invisible?

Aileen gave us a great description, full of movement and atmosphere as Angela received her award as employee of the month at the refrigeration company owned by a couple who had come from humble beginnings to be the owners of a multi-million pound firm and a knighthood. But things may not all be as they seem.  ‘theirs was a mutual attraction and a mutual destruction’!

Norm wrote a biographical piece about a real pop star, narcissistic and high on success who would ‘tear down the sky for a star.’

Jim C found himself reflecting on the falseness of modern Christmas and the material values that go with it from his new perspective where he now knows that ‘the gutter is not as low as it gets.’

Sue’s story starts with a vengeful, female surgeon scrubbing up to perform an emergency operation on the woman she has recently deduced is her husband’s lover!

Lanzarote Creative Writing Group offers  a relaxed and fun way to practice your writing skills in the company of other writers of all levels.

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