Jun 16

Poetry from our Members

Poetry from our Members

Lanzarote Creative Writing Group

A poem written specially for one of our monthly Poetry Evenings where we present prose, song and poetry from our members

rose 2

You are gift from the universe

So diverse, at times supportive, reassuring a conduit for love

In our grief, laying on a casket of a loved one, you are a symbol to celebrate their life

Lining the pathways of generations of joyful celebrations of kings and queens, princes, princesses and the privileged.

To the common people as they delicately dress their marital bed with you as an expression of their eternal love

Your infinite, timeless qualities are a symbol of honour, courage and achievement in times of conflict, adversity and peace

To Your endurance, standing fast to the extremes of natures seasons to achieve your commitment to perennial longevityPoetry from one of our Members

So elegantly placed above your barbed and briary stem, your vibrant aromas seduce us and inspire our senses

One could ask why!

Such abundance of beauty is embroidered amongst a somewhat tortured and tormented looking body

But then of such heritage.

Ours is not to question!

But……… to rejoice in the gift of our beloved rose.


Jim Loughrill 30.05.17

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