Jul 23

Fred and Felicity Cockroach

Fred and Felicity Cockroach


 A fun poem from one of our members: 


Fred and Felicity Cockroach

Were working the late shift one night;

Fliss was degreasing the floor tiles,

Freddie was dusting the light,

When two great big, wobbly, pink monsters

Came shrieking and running around,

Filling the air with their voices;

Vibrating and shaking the ground.


The cockroaches ran to the cupboard


And squished themselves small as could be,

But the loud, scary, giant marshmallows

Were intent not to let then be free.

So, what happened next was a mystery;

Something they could not explain,

But they both ended up in the garden

And fled for their lives down the drain!

Vector illustration of cartoon cockroach running Stock Vector - 39704712

© Sandie Johnson

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