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Photographs as a starting point for a story


Photographs as a starting point for a story


‘A picture is worth a thousand words?’


Look at a selection of photographs belonging to members.

Ask each member to start with two that are not their own and jot down what they can tell, from the photograph: when, where who what why…?

Discuss the styles, and any clues to when, where, why the picture was taken, what we can tell about what is happening and who the people are. How much agreement was there about photographs chosen by more than one person, in their notes?

Ask each person to tell the group about their photograph after it has been discussed.

Choose one photograph and take the setting and take the character or characters from a different photograph and make up a story in a maximum of 1000 words.

Remember that you are using photographs as a starting point for a story. They are only a stimulus. You can go as far away from the original images as you want. Be creative!

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