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Poem: Falling Leaves

Poem: Falling Leaves



This poem, Falling Leaves, was inspired by hearing the news that yet another of my friends had died. I feel as though the last few years have been marked by the deaths of friends and relatives. Not only that but also many of my youthful icons, such as David Bowie have also died. It has made me reflective and very conscious of my own mortality.

autumn leaves
Falling Leaves

The first of us fell in springtime
When our lives unfurled and we were green
A single leaf diseased on he branch
Falling out of time
A sweet memory of a life unlived

Some of us burned bright as summer sunshine
Our gilded lives consumed by heat and fire
Leaves withering on branch
Parched and brittle
Lives falling away into ashes

Most of us had a final burst of glory
An autumn farewell in hues of red and gold
Leaves suddenly plucked from the branch
Wind scattered and torn
Lives fluttering away into the dark unknown.

And only I remain, the solitary winter leaf
Clinging to the frosted bough
Dreaming of a springtime when our lives were green

Longing to fall.


©Sandra Parsons

January 2016

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