Aug 27

Dominion by C J Sansom

Book Review: Dominion

by C J Sansom


Although I am a fan of C J Sansom I did not think that I would particularly enjoy this book when I saw the setting. I tackled it first of all because it was a Book Club read. But I was so wrong. It was a superb novel that held my attention throughout.

The setting is an imaginary England in the 1950s. Up to 1940 we are to accept that everything happened as history records it, but then the British Government made peace with Germany after Dunkirk. Not everyone agreed with appeasement and Winston Churchill is the figurehead of the Resistance movement.

A shy, introverted scientist, Frank Muncaster has come into possession of a secret that the British and Americans are desperate to keep out of the hands of the Germans. Locked up in a grim institution for the insane, Frank is helpless, until an old university friend, who is a spy for the Resistance, appears and risks all to help him escape.

The atmosphere and description of England under the shadow of the Nazis is convincing and engrossing. The main characters are empathetic and engaging as they work together, with different motives and concerns to try to get Frank away and keep his secret safe.

Recommended for anyone who enjoys spy novels, political thrillers and well written alternative-history stories.

Sue Almond

March 2017

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