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National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day

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National Poetry day 2017 is 28 September. The theme is ‘Freedom and this session was designed to encourage members of the Writing Group to take part.

(It might be useful to ask members to read about National Poetry day on line before the session )

Word association

Write down the first word that comes into your head in response to each of the following:







Take two of the words and write no more than 50 words in which you use or refer to the pair of words chosen.

Take two other words and do the same.

In 50 words write your answer to the question -‘What is the opposite of freedom?’

Share and discuss ideas, asking each member to share one of their first two pieces and their third piece for discussion

Read about the National Poetry Day via a link or as a handout.

Discuss briefly

Write a short piece of prose or a poem on the theme of ‘Freedom’.

Share and discuss if time.

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