Sep 30

The Marriage Lie

The Marriage Lie

By Kimberly Belle

Thought provoking, tantalising and gripping to the end, The Marriage Lie keeps the reader guessing right to the final eye-popping twist.

Iris and Will have a perfect marriage and are very much in love. Before he leaves on a trip Will gives Iris an expensive gift, a love token to celebrate their decision to try to start a family. She is distraught and completely baffled when, the very next day, his name turns up on the flight manifest of a crashed plane. He was supposed to be on another flight and she cannot believe he lied to her. Surely there is some mistake?

The Marriage Lie is a well paced, dramatic and absorbing psychological thriller. The characters are convincing and empathetic. The atmosphere is compelling and the story is well plotted to keep the reader guessing and also feeling uneasy. There is a certain ‘What would I do?’ ‘What if this happened to me?’ quality, that makes the tension very immediate.

Thoroughly recommended, but don’t start it when you have a busy schedule because you won’t want to put it down!

Sue Almond


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