Oct 09



 A fun poem by one of our members about Punctuation:

? & ! ” ; ‘ : ( ´ @ ” ¡ ; # ) – .

 To start a sentence with an ‘and’ is wrong grammatically.

Omitting capitals and full stops is even worse you see.

As for exclamation marks, they’re often overused,

Whilst questions which are rhetoric can make us most confused!

They do not need a question mark or any punctuation,

The question asked speaks for itself, it needs no illustration.

Speech marks are a pain to use, but important all the same

(It helps to know who’s speaking) they make writers ‘raise their game’.

Commas help us pause a mo and understand the story,

Whilst sentences without, can read like ‘Land of Hope and Glory’.

A long and rambling epitome of which readers despair

And give up reading halfway through, the book left on the chair.

To aid our understanding punctuation is a must,

Without which messages are lost and authors end up bust


By Aileen

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