Oct 27

Mix and match ideas in your writing!

Mix and match ideas in your writing!

Working with random stimuli:


You are going to be asked to take two, apparently unconnected words or concepts and see how imaginatively you can mix and match ideas in your writing by using them to develop a story-line or, if you prefer, a poem or other piece of writing.

The idea is not simply to ‘mention’ the two things in a story but to use your creative imagination to expand on possibilities derived from the original stimuli and then weave your magic and write a story or other piece. it might well even be quite difficult for anyone to recognise at once which words you chose!

Choose one pair:

  • Ball                             Mirror
  • Relaxation                  Custard
  • Chair                           Pebbles
  • Water                          Keyboard
  • Shoes                         Fear


  1. Brainstorm your words individually, using a mind-map perhaps.
  2. Let your mind wander a bit as you just play around with the words.
  3. When you are writing you may begin your piece, writing between 250 and 800 words.
  4. if you finish quickly and others are still hard at work, choose another pair and try a completely different piece and style.


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