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Writing Group Update 27 October 2017

Writing Group Update 27 October 2017

We had a rather disjointed start to our session today due to the late opening of the bar and the very intrusive and at times quite rude behaviour of the waitress. She was oblivious to our hints and determined to insinuate herself into the group and constantly interrupted rather than serving us quietly and moving away. Despite being told quite plainly that she was not welcome to listen to what we had written as people did not necessarily want to share it with strangers, she persisted and the net result was that we felt we were not prepared to return to the venue next week. 
Next week, 03 November, we will meet at Dickens bar at 11.15 am till 13.15 pm. The group is quite small at the moment, usually about 5 and rarely as many as 7. The problems we experienced there were much worse when the group was larger. Apparently they have said they are sorry we stopped going there so maybe they will be more sympathetic about the noise levels. Please let me know if you need directions, basically it is next to Hotel Coronas near Playa Bastian. We do have another possible venue which we can try if it does not work out.
Today’s session was ‘Mix and match ideas in your writing’:
 Please click on the link if you wish to see what we did.
Jenny chose ‘chair’ and ‘pebbles’. She wrote about the Flintstones and how her own children had loved the shows, even though they were already quite old when they watched them as youngsters. With subtlety and economy she introduced thought provoking ideas about child rearing/parenting. gender stereotyping and strong women.
Aileen took us via ‘water’ and ‘keyboard’ to the school playground and the line at the drinking fountain, directing us with that reference to a time frame (1950s) and giving us some great charactersketches of the children and one particular harsh teacher, the music teacher.
Leigh wrote a spell-binding piece from the starting point of ‘shoes’ and ‘fear’. In first person narrative she took us quickly and effectively into the superstitious terrors pf childhood . The fear that children might be drawn away into the shoes left out for Papa Noel was subtly linked to the background of the Grandfather who had fought in the war in a time of stories of children betraying their own parents to the authorities and people disappearing! Virtually a competition worthy piece of flash fiction as it stands!
Jimmy expressed uncertainty about what was expected in his first session but produced a well composed little article about sport from ‘ball’ and ‘mirror’.
Sue started from ‘relaxation’ and ‘custard’ and ended up with a restless sleeper getting up in the night to make a snack of marmalade sandwiches. Witnessing an ‘intruder’ climbing over the wall into the garden of the sheltered accommodation where she lives the old lady calls the police, sets off alarms and wakens the whole block before the intruder is found to a resident too embarrassed to wake anyone to let him in after a late night assignation with a lady!
Marc joined us for a brief ‘hello’. He hopes to join us again soon as an active member of the group, rehearsals permitting.
Marc is one of about 40 musicians rehearsing for a production of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ which will be performed at the theatre in San Bartolomé on 01 and 02 December 2017 (possible extra performances on 03 December depending on bookings). Having enjoyed several exceptional ‘amateur’ productions on the island in the past I am very much looking forward to it and will be going for tickets asap, if anyone else is interested. Tickets are 18 euros in advance and 20 euros on the door (if there are any left!)
Sandy P is due back in December, Sandie J in January. Ann and Jim may be back, I believe in November? We hope to have a new member, Peter, joining the group in a couple of weeks and Helen has expressed an interest in rejoining us but is at present ‘hors de combat’ and unable to drive, having had a pot removed from her leg after breaking her ankle. Get well soon helen and also Norman!

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