Nov 15

Waiting for Callback

Waiting for Callback

By Perdita and Honor Cargill

Elektra wants to be an actor, even if that means dressing up as a spider, pretending to be a carrot for an audition!

When Elektra goes to auditions mum goes too, and as Elektra moves from her local acting class into the hands of a ‘legitimate’ agent it seems she is on her way. The ups and downs of auditions and competition for every part are described perfectly. All the characters are empathetic and quite memorable.

‘Waiting for Callback’ is extremely entertaining and written with great wit and aplomb. It is funny and touching and a very appealing, light hearted, escapist   book for any age group although the age of the main character suggests it was intended for the Young-Adult audience.

I enjoyed every minute of it and would recommend it to anyone who has ever thought they might like to act, or anyone who just likes a gentle, fun story.

Sue Almond


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