Nov 29

Action first

Action First


Homework:  Ask members to read the link before class


AND do No 1: Write an opening in not more than 3 sentence which will catch the readers curiosity and interest immediately, set in a shop or a cemetery.

Sometimes you just know from the first sentence that a book is going to be exciting, or ‘just your cup of tea’.

What happens first is just as important, or maybe more so than ‘what happens next’ drawing the reader into the action first, right from the start. Make them want to know ‘what happens next?’ from the very first page.

Task 1

Share and discuss homework

Think of some opening scenarios and share in discussion around the group, eg, a spectacular car crash, an explosion….

Task 2

Take the following opening scene and start a story:


A man (or woman) in an eighth floor apartment sees a body falling past the window, plummeting towards the ground.


Write for 20 -30 minutes, depending on numbers.

Share and discuss particularly similarities and differences from the same starting point.




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