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Mr Men characters in a story

Mr Men characters in a story



Mr Men and Mrs Women!

Ask members to read ‘Getting the Character In? before the class.

  1. Briefly discuss getting a character in and give more examples:

Ian McEwan: Enduring Love

‘—-the girl was being helped through the menu by her father who, like me these days, had to slide his glasses down his nose to see the print…’

‘Meanwhile Jocelyn, enjoying the triple privilege of age, eminence and the bestower of gifts, told his story.’

Joanne Harris. Blackberry Wine/ Chocolat

‘She was a little, round pansy faced woman in a scarlet jumper.’

‘….treating (him) with cool indifference as if his father’s genes were a time bomb inside him which might at any moment explode.’

  1. Discuss stereotyping: What is the difference between stereotyping and getting a character in?


  1. Display, the cartoon characters from the MR Men and [MRS/MS Men] series.

Image result for mr men characters


Already you’ll have a treasure trove of characteristics.

Individually decide on a genre in which one of the ‘characters’ might appear.

  1. Write your description, as you would introduce him/her to the reader …. Get them in!

….and then the description of how they might behave in certain situations/scenes in the story

Share and discuss

How might your character behave ‘out of character’ rather than be completely bound by the ‘stereotype’?


  1. Could you combine aspects of two Mr Men to make a more complex or convincing character?

Individually choose two and write a sentence to ‘Get In’ your new combination character.

Share without revealing which two are the starting point and try to guess each other’s.


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