Dec 21

The Tangled Lock by Bill Rogers

The Tangled Lock

by Bill Rogers

In the third novel in the National Crime Agency series, Senior Investigator Joanne Stuart is leading the hunt for a serial killer with a hair fetish. Not only does the perpetrator take a lock of the victim’s hair as a trophy, but he leaves a tangled lock of someone else’s hair in their mouth, and his method of killing is strangulation with plaited strands of hair.

He targets vulnerable sex workers walking the streets late at night, First in Wigan but moving towards Manchester in a seemingly intentional pattern.

Why do the girls go with him to lonely spots, always near water? Is he someone they know and trust? Is he even perhaps someone connected with the police?

Another well crafted police procedural thriller from author Bill Rogers with red herrings and plot twists to keep the reader guessing till the end.

This is advertised as the third in a set of three. I hope it means three to date rather than three in total? There is a lot more mileage in this set of characters.

Sue Almond

November 2017

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