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Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence

Words From Context

Think of something that has happened to you that was potentially more exciting, funny or disastrous than it actually turned out eg.

  • Someone makes a pass but it turns out they were not speaking to you and you came dangerously close to ‘making a fool of yourself’.
  • Someone picks up your shopping with theirs as you pay at the supermarket till and makes off with it (or you pick up someone else’s).
  • You are trying to make a good impression on a young lady (or maybe her parents) but you run out of petrol taking them somewhere.
  • You park in a beauty spot looking out towards the sea but fail to engage the brakes securely….

Try and think of a real example.

In just a few lines briefly outline what actually happened. (Five minutes max).

Now use a bit of artistic licence: Take that event and embellish it. Imagine you are writing a story and this happens to your main character. You may write in first or third person.


Imagine you are writing your memoires, or an autobiography, and feel that the story needs a bit of drama or humour and the point where you have reached. Exaggerate and make the incident more amusing or dramatic or exciting….


Share the brief true versions without giving away what your new treatment has changed.

Choose one of someone else’s and rewrite it as a more exciting, or amusing version based on their starting point.

Share and compare. Discuss outcomes and also whether the stories were improved and why/how.

What made the second versions better (if you think they were)?

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