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The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

The Girl Who Came Back

by Kerry Wilkinson

Little Olivia Adams disappeared from the garden of her family home when she was six years old. Her father had left her playing while he popped indoors to use the bathroom but the media reported that he had left her alone for much longer while he watched football on television. Her mother, Sarah never forgave him and the marriage did not survive.

Thirteen years later a young woman arrives in the village and announces that she is Olivia. Sarah is overjoyed. Nattie, Olivia’s childhood best friend accepts her. Olivia’s father, a broken drunken man promises he will pull himself together and never let her down again.

But Sarah’s second husband, the childhood sweetheart she returned to after the breakdown of her marriage and his surly brother Ashley are suspicious and unconvinced that the ‘girl who came back’ is really Olivia.

Who else could she be? What motive could there be for an imposter to insinuate herself into this ordinary family in a quiet village?

The story moves along quite well. The effect of the ripples, from Olivia’s disappearance, on other characters, is thought provokingly revealed. The mystery unfolds with quite good characterisation and a sub plot that does not obviously fit in until the identity of Lily is made clear.

I enjoyed reading the book and was keen to read it quite quickly but I was a bit disappointed with the ending which although quite dramatic did not deliver the promised ‘you’ll never guess the final twist’.

Sue almond

November 2017

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