Jan 14

The story in the song?

The story in the song?

Our exercise this week was called ‘Write another story’.

We started with a song title. Each member was asked to choose a song title at random; it could be one they liked or had an affinity with or just the first one that came into their head. They were then asked to think about the words of the title and as far as possible forget the story of the song.

Using the song title they were asked to write a story but a completely new story which was not a reference back to the song.

From ‘Any Dream will do’ Jim wrote an entertaining and amusing little story of a child’s dream in which he was battling the breakfast cereals, musketeer style, sword in hand!

Marc gave us some great imagery from the starting point of ‘Watching the Stars’ as he looked both up and down to a landscape like ‘crinkled brown paper’ crossing the desert on a flight to Australia.

Aileen chose ‘Back to black’ and a more serious theme of depression as a recurring illness.

Sue started with ‘I don’t know how to love him and wrote about a mother struggling to deal with her love for her autistic son.

Sandy chose a great title: ‘Simply the Best’!

From that title she went on to write a tongue in cheek account of beating the ‘blonde

bobs’ and super-mums in the school cake baking competition. some good imagery

and nice pacing of the text made it an entertaining tale with plenty of empathy.


Next week we will be looking at cliff-hangers and page turners


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