Jan 29

Whose perspective?

Whose perspective?

You are going to write a short story in first person narrative. The setting is a small supermarket. Imagine three characters:

One is a shopper who sees another customer put something in their pocket and continue shopping.

The second character is the person they have observed and who has caught their eye briefly and then looked away, a moment later!

The third character is a new and inexperienced, young member of staff who has also witnessed the scene and noticed the momentary eye contact between the first two.


Choose one of the three characters and, writing in the first person, tell the story. From their perspective explain what has happened so far and what happens next.

You have 10 – 15 minutes.

The next task is to choose one of the other two characters. Think about what you have written. Is that version whole story? How might the story be different if told from the perspective of one of the other characters?

Write again for a further 10 -15 minutes from the point of view of one of the other characters, also writing in the first person. You may match this version to the story you have just written or, starting as if for the first time rethink the story completely.

Share and discuss.

How many people started with character one on the list? Was that simply because that was the first person listed?

Is the first person that we meet in a story the one we identify with, especially if it is the narrator? What kind of story does this have implications for?

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