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Emma in the Night By Wendy Walker

Emma in the Night

By Wendy Walker

Two sisters disappeared one night three years ago. Emma Tanner’s car was found at the beach with her purse and keys, and her shoes left on the sand. There was no sign of her younger sister Cass. Nothing of hers was missing from her room.

Now, after three years Cass has come home!

Special Agent, Leo Strauss and FBI, Forensic Psychologist, Dr Abigail Winter who had been in charge of the case of the missing girls cannot wait to interview Cass and find out, at last what happened. But it is not quite that simple. Cass’s story leads to more questions than it answers and as her story unfolds the divisions and tensions in the family start to unravel.

Full of drama and suspense ‘Emma in the Night’ is told by two narrators, Cass and Dr Winter and has lots of twists and turns to keep the reader guessing. The atmosphere builds, empathy is created and I really did not want to put this book down. The relationships and conflicts between the characters unfold at a satisfactory pace along with the plot and the descriptions and analysis of living with a narcissistic mother are shockingly detailed and raw.

Lovers of psychological thrillers and unreliable narrators will really enjoy Emma in the Night. I will definitely look out by more by Wendy Walker.

Sue Almond

January 2018

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