Feb 11

Write another story

Write another story

Take any song title; an old favourite, one you have a special affinity with, just one you think of on the spur of the moment or even one that you do not like or have never understood!

Focus on the title. Think just about the words of the title, what they mean, what they tell you just on their own.

Put any ‘story’ that the song contains out of your mind as far as you can.


Use the title and write a story, or a poem. This should be a new story, not the story of the song. You have 15 – 20 minutes.


*Now, after you have finished writing it, make up a new title for your story!


Share and discuss.

How difficult is it to ignore an existing story?

How successful did you feel with regard to focusing on the words of the title only?

Once you started writing did you get into your own story completely or did the original song intrude into your thoughts?

How easy was it to make up a new title? Had the story taken on a life of its own or were you stuck on the original title?

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