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Feb 17

A Little Life By Hanya Yanagihar

A Little Life By Hanya Yanagihar Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize in 2015, ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihar is the most moving and memorable book that I have read in a long time. It is dark and disturbing but also achingly beautiful. At its simplest it is the story of four friends but …

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Feb 11

Write another story

Write another story Take any song title; an old favourite, one you have a special affinity with, just one you think of on the spur of the moment or even one that you do not like or have never understood! Focus on the title. Think just about the words of the title, what they mean, …

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Feb 06

Emma in the Night By Wendy Walker

Emma in the Night By Wendy Walker Two sisters disappeared one night three years ago. Emma Tanner’s car was found at the beach with her purse and keys, and her shoes left on the sand. There was no sign of her younger sister Cass. Nothing of hers was missing from her room. Now, after three …

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Jan 29

Whose perspective?

Whose perspective? You are going to write a short story in first person narrative. The setting is a small supermarket. Imagine three characters: One is a shopper who sees another customer put something in their pocket and continue shopping. The second character is the person they have observed and who has caught their eye briefly …

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Jan 25

Cliff hangers and page turners

Cliff hangers and page turners ‘I’ll just read one more chapter.’ How often do we say that at bed time, before starting a chore, when we really should be getting on with something else, but we turn over to the start of another chapter because we really want to know what happens next. There are …

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Jan 20

Title? Action? Characters?

Title? Action? Characters? A Writing Exercise Read ‘Characters first?’ before the class. You are going to be given a list of best selling books. Hopefully you will have read one or more of them. If not you can add to the list but please choose well-known books or plays. a) Choose a book and write …

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Jan 14

The story in the song?

The story in the song? Our exercise this week was called ‘Write another story’. We started with a song title. Each member was asked to choose a song title at random; it could be one they liked or had an affinity with or just the first one that came into their head. They were then …

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Jan 13

The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson

The Girl Who Came Back by Kerry Wilkinson Little Olivia Adams disappeared from the garden of her family home when she was six years old. Her father had left her playing while he popped indoors to use the bathroom but the media reported that he had left her alone for much longer while he watched …

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Jan 08

Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence Think of something that has happened to you that was potentially more exciting, funny or disastrous than it actually turned out eg. Someone makes a pass but it turns out they were not speaking to you and you came dangerously close to ‘making a fool of yourself’. Someone picks up your shopping with …

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Jan 03

A Gentleman in Moscow

A Gentleman in Moscow By Amor Towles In post-revolutionary Russia Count Alexander Rostov is considered an ‘unrepentant aristocrat’. Placed under house arrest in the Hotel Metropol in Moscow, he is escorted not to his previous sumptuous suite but to a small attic room. Through decades of change and political upheaval The Count remains cut off …

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