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Oct 16

The Law of Unintended Consequences

The Law of Unintended Consequences We all know that ‘for every action there is a reaction’. Also, we know from experience that sometimes it is possible to do something from good intentions and cause mayhem! ‘The law of unintended consequences!’ Using the idea of ‘What if…? and the mind map format that we used recently …

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Oct 09


PUNCTUATION  A fun poem by one of our members about Punctuation: ? & ! ” ; ‘ : ( ´ @ ” ¡ ; # ) – .  To start a sentence with an ‘and’ is wrong grammatically. Omitting capitals and full stops is even worse you see. As for exclamation marks, they’re often overused, …

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Oct 04

Travel Writing


Travel Writing   NB. This group session is designed for my writing group in Lanzarote but can easily be adapted for other regions. Give out the first instructions the week before the session, preferably e mail for the links.After the example of the NYT piece on the undersea statues off the coast I would like …

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Sep 30

The Marriage Lie

The Marriage Lie By Kimberly Belle Thought provoking, tantalising and gripping to the end, The Marriage Lie keeps the reader guessing right to the final eye-popping twist. Iris and Will have a perfect marriage and are very much in love. Before he leaves on a trip Will gives Iris an expensive gift, a love token …

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Sep 24

A 500 word story: Crossing the Rubicon


A 500 word story   A 500 word story is always a good exercise. there are quite a few competitions for ‘Flash Fiction’ and it is good practice at getting a beginning, a middle and an end into concise language: Crossing the Rubicon Janine wanted to go back. It had been a lovely late-summer’s day …

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Sep 18

The Absence of Guilt

The Absence of Guilt By Mark Gimenez The Absence of Guilt is the third book that I have read by the author and I look forward to catching up on the rest. Mark Gimenez writes courtroom dramas and has been compared to John Grisham. The Absence of Guilt has a current, very relevant theme and …

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Sep 12

Starting with vocabulary

Starting with vocabulary Group Session Before the session ask the members to read ‘Gathering vocabulary‘ before you start writing’. Ideally they need a thesaurus with them in class or a tablet or phone from which they can access on line versions. Large sheets of paper or examples of a mind-map will also be needed (See …

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Sep 06

Master of Illusion and Mistress of Mystery

Master of Illusion and Mistress of Mystery   A short story. The Master of Illusion and Mistress of Mystery were no more. He was dead- disposed of – and she had renounced the title she despised. He had told her soon enough he would never marry her; the title was intended to humiliate. At seventeen …

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Sep 01

National Poetry Day

National Poetry Day National Poetry day 2017 is 28 September. The theme is ‘Freedom and this session was designed to encourage members of the Writing Group to take part. (It might be useful to ask members to read about National Poetry day on line before the session http://nationalpoetryday.co.uk/about-npd/ ) Word association Write down the first …

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Aug 27

Dominion by C J Sansom

Book Review: Dominion by C J Sansom   Although I am a fan of C J Sansom I did not think that I would particularly enjoy this book when I saw the setting. I tackled it first of all because it was a Book Club read. But I was so wrong. It was a superb …

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