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Mar 21

Sometimes writing less is more.

Sometimes writing less is more. It is important to try to avoid ‘overwriting’. Especially in descriptive passages, it is sometimes the case that the writer goes beyond what is poetic and evocative and writes too much, leaving nothing to the reader’s imagination and/or becoming over-sentimental, maudlin or cloying. Using figurative language well is a skill. …

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Mar 12

‘Facts’ and Truth in Stories

‘Facts’ and Truth in Stories In stories which are set in real places and real times it is natural and usual to include some ‘facts’ to give authenticity, or clues if you do not want to be too specific. You might mention actual street names, a famous person associated with a place or historical event …

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Mar 02

Using Real people in Novels

Using Real people in Novels There are sometimes good reasons for using real people in novels. Some novels are deliberately fictionalised versions of the lives of real people. If the available biographical knowledge is sparse, or has large gaps of time about which very little is known, that seems legitimate as long as the author …

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Feb 17

World Book Day

World Book Day 20 March 2017 is World Book Day   A total of fifteen million book tokens will be given away to children in the UK, on 20 March 2017 as once again World Book Day is celebrated in schools. The children can exchange their book tokens, at participating book stores for any one …

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Feb 16

Twists of Lust and Trust

Twists of Lust and Trust By Karin Rick Review: Originally published in German as ‘Chaos Girl’, ‘Twists of Lust and Trust’ is Austrian author, Karin Rick’s ninth book, and her first to be published in English. It tells of the love affair between Irene and Anita. Anita is impulsive, even reckless. Irene is captivated and …

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Feb 04

What drives the story?

What drives the story? Aspiring writers are always encouraged to read avidly and widely. Reading for pleasure is a great source of enjoyment. It is also a source of information. Even in quite light fiction it is impossible not to pick up bits of information. If the setting is a real place then you find …

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Jan 26

‘Practice makes Perfect’

‘Practice makes Perfect’ ‘Practice makes Perfect’ they say, but what exactly does that mean? Is doing something over and over again going to improve what you do? Maybe, but what if you are not doing it well? Reinforcing bad habits is not a recipe for improvement. Repetition is definitely part of what we mean by …

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Jan 07

Back to the Writing Group 2017

Back to the Writing Group 2017 A year into 2017 already! Tree down and decorations put away for another year and the house looks really bare! The good news is we still have Christmas cake left to eat up, and everyone knows you cannot start a post Christmas diet till that’s all gone! One of …

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Oct 16

Looking Back for Inspiration to Write

Looking Back for Inspiration to Write   When looking for ideas there are an infinite number of places to look, including, looking back into the past for inspiration, for example: Wills and Last Requests Some wills are unpredictable and can cause chaos, disruption, family feuds, legal wrangles or sometimes just hilarity and are a huge …

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Sep 19

Looking for Inspiration for your Writing, Second hand

Looking for Inspiration for your Writing Second hand When you are out and about, have a wander, if you are looking for inspiration for your writing, in the charity shops. Jot down a few interesting items which you are almost sure to find there. Who owned that item? How did they get it? Why do …

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