Category: Fun Activites

Dec 27

Get on with the story!

Get on with the story!   This exercise requires flexibility and mental agility. You will need to get on with the story and not dwell on descriptive passages, unnecessary detail or character descriptions. It might be a good idea to play a couple of rounds of a Tabletop Game such as Word Bluff or lateral …

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Dec 14

Mr Men characters in a story

Mr Men characters in a story     Mr Men and Mrs Women! Ask members to read ‘Getting the Character In? before the class. Briefly discuss getting a character in and give more examples: Ian McEwan: Enduring Love ‘—-the girl was being helped through the menu by her father who, like me these days, …

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Nov 29

Action first

Action First Homework:  Ask members to read the link before class   AND do No 1: Write an opening in not more than 3 sentence which will catch the readers curiosity and interest immediately, set in a shop or a cemetery. Sometimes you just know from the first sentence that a book is going …

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Nov 26

Titles First

Titles First Homework: Before class ask everyone to read ‘Titles’ and to jot down a word or phrase that they think would make a good title for a story.   Sometime a word or phrase just shouts out that it would make a good title for a story or a novel. Equally sometimes even after …

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Nov 05

An object, a picture and a line

An object, a picture and a line Take into class an assortment of small objects, as many and as varied as you can manage eg a matchbox, a postcard, a candle snuffer, a pair of glasses, a lemon squeezer, a paper knife, a bottle opener……. You also need a selection of small pictures which can …

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Oct 28

Writing Group Update 27 October 2017

Writing Group Update 27 October 2017 We had a rather disjointed start to our session today due to the late opening of the bar and the very intrusive and at times quite rude behaviour of the waitress. She was oblivious to our hints and determined to insinuate herself into the group and constantly interrupted rather …

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Oct 27

Mix and match ideas in your writing!

Story Dice As They Landed

Mix and match ideas in your writing! Working with random stimuli: You are going to be asked to take two, apparently unconnected words or concepts and see how imaginatively you can mix and match ideas in your writing by using them to develop a story-line or, if you prefer, a poem or other piece of …

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Oct 09


PUNCTUATION  A fun poem by one of our members about Punctuation: ? & ! ” ; ‘ : ( ´ @ ” ¡ ; # ) – .  To start a sentence with an ‘and’ is wrong grammatically. Omitting capitals and full stops is even worse you see. As for exclamation marks, they’re often overused, …

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Sep 24

A 500 word story: Crossing the Rubicon

A 500 word story   A 500 word story is always a good exercise. there are quite a few competitions for ‘Flash Fiction’ and it is good practice at getting a beginning, a middle and an end into concise language: Crossing the Rubicon Janine wanted to go back. It had been a lovely late-summer’s day …

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Jun 06

Session on Facts and Truth in Writing

Session on Facts and Truth in Writing Ask members to read Facts and Truth in Stories on blog prior to the session and to come along armed with one or more facts that are generally believed but not actually true (QI’s General Ignorance!) eg. Drinking alcohol while taking antibiotics will stop them working. False alcohol …

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