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Jun 12

Writing a Radio Play

Writing a Radio Play This activity is intended to follow the sessions on ‘Dialogue’, in which we saw how much we can convey in dialogue in stories. See: Now the members are going to tell a story virtually all in dialogue by writing a radio play. They should read the following before the session: …

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Feb 28

Author, Author!


Author, Author!     Author, Author! is the traditional cry at the end of a brilliant performance.   If we may call the talk given by author Harry Dunn, to our writing group, ‘a performance’ then we should send up the cry. The group met in the Clock House Tavern on Friday 26 February 2016 …

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May 15

Writing for Radio (Activity)

Writing for Radio (Activity)   Ask the members to read ‘Writing for Radio; Advice and Information’ before the class. Talking books or a programme like ‘Book at Bedtime’ are mostly a matter of finding a skilled reader with a good reading style and voice. Radio Plays are a very different matter and call for a …

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Mar 24

Writing Workshop Ice Breaker

Writing Workshop Ice Breaker At a first session of a new writing group or at the beginning of a workshop you may want an ‘ice breaker’ such as: Getting to know you Bingo To help us start to get to know each other’s names in a fun way we are going to move around the …

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Jan 28

Introductory Creative Writing Workshop

Introductory Creative Writing Workshop in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote. As one of a series of Arts Workshops being held in Playa Blanca there will be an Introductory Creative Writing Workshop on Saturday 14 February: 2 pm to 4.30 pm open to all ages and all levels. Activities will include short, individual writing exercises; possibly group exercises …

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Jul 30

Choose a Title and Write

Choose a Title and Write     This is meant to be a fun session with lots of freedom to just ‘Choose a Title and Write’ and share something of your own, giving the members of the group maximum choice. Ask the members to write down the following as a list: Flying A Letter A …

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Mar 02

Using Old Stories to Create New

Using Old Stories to Create New    PART 1 To focus on POV it can be useful, and fun, to try using old stories to create new. (You need a set of cards with the titles of well known stories and some simple opening lines. There are some suggestions at the end for use in …

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Nov 25

Word Association: Writing Session

 Word Association: Writing Session    Word association: writing session A simple word association writing session will show that words don’t always mean the same to everyone and sometimes a word has more than one meaning. Ask members to write down the first thing that comes into their head in response to the following words: Animal …

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Sep 24

Fun With Limericks.

Fun with limericks. Sometimes you need a warm-up exercise or a filler at the end of a session Often depending on numbers a session may not take as long as expected as fewer participants means less to share and discuss. It is useful to have a few fun sessions on hand which can also be …

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Aug 17

In Your Own Words

In Your Own Words (For a group you will need the correct number of copies of the speeches which are reproduced below * to*) Take one of the Shakespeare speeches, Polonius’ speech to his son Laertes as he is about to leave to live in Paris, from ‘Hamlet’. or ‘All the world’s a stage…’ a …

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