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Apr 27


LANZAROTE Soft sea shimmers in the sun  Sleepy sunbeds face the sea Such a sparkling sultry sigh But there’s more to see than shore.  Leave your sunbeds, leave the sea Glorious landscape lies within Gloopy lava, lunar like  Lonely lookouts, looming cliffs.  Caverns, castles, culture too Creative crafts,  contemporary arts Come you must by cycle, …

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Feb 23

A New Tide

A New Tide A poem by one of our members: There is a new tide washing on our shores Floating shattered souls our way A flotsam of broken dreamsAnd we are so afraid So afraid of the loss of hope So afraid of the hungry eyes So afraid that we too will be washed away …

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Feb 09

Midnight at the Oasis


Midnight at the Oasis A travel piece from one of our Creative Writing Group members:   ….send your camel to bed.   It´s not quite like that anymore. Camels – those ships of the desert – have been replaced by pick-up trucks and 4 X 4s. But don´t let that put you off a visit …

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Aug 23

Crossing the Rubicon

Crossing the Rubicon   If you suffer that sore affliction That comes with a profound addiction To the drug that adjusts your social attitudes Increases your social platitudes The harbinger of the temporary smile Changes the mindset though only for a fleeting while When your life’s problems become too much Loneliness, despair, malcontent and such …

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Aug 12

Sorry. No time to talk!

‘Sorry. No time to talk!’ ‘Much as I enjoy a good debate, we urgently need to decide which of us will be sacrificed so we can gain some height,’ trilled the deipnosophist, languidly wiping the grease from his chin and throwing the bone of the last chicken leg from his picnic hamper over the side …

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Jul 20

Ghost Story: a poem

Ghost Story: A poem   As a response to the Writing Session brief ‘Write a ghost story‘ I decided on an impulse to try it as a poem:   Late, unlamented… The first time he saw, from the corner of his eye, The light in the mirror, he didn’t know why, But he found himself …

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May 30

Life’s Considerations

Life’s Considerations. Shall you live without charity? Without honesty or decency Or morality With yourself be prepossessed With material things be obsessed Ignore the weak and dispossessed Forget the basics of humanity Forget the basics of Christianity Shall you consider a fool He who would live by the unwritten rule Of civility and courtesy, Taught …

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May 03

Wasted Lives

Wasted Lives A short story by Ann Collins The house stared at her with blank eyes, bleary with an accumulation of grime. Paint peeled forlornly from the front door, the tarnished knocker askew. Emma trod gingerly along the path, negotiating the tangled weeds. She fished the keys from her bag, took a deep breath and …

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Apr 27

Outline for a novel: ONE WEEK

Outline for a Novel ONE WEEK   by Chris Want Chris’s entry in the ‘Write an outline for a novel’ competition, ONE WEEK, plots a powerful tale of two women by showing us one week in their lives from the perspective of each of them.   The novel covers one week in the lives of …

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Apr 22

The Clerical Detective.

The Clerical Detective                                                             by Ray Targett The Clerical Detective is Ray’s Entry in the ‘write an outline for a novel’ competition, March 2016, organised by Lanzarote …

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