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Mar 06

Journalism and Writing Articles

Journalism and Writing Articles   I was writing regularly for a magazine and when I told them I was going to Sri Lanka they commissioned this piece: Discovering another island: a personal reflection. We flew towards the sunrise as we approached Sri Lanka. The outskirts of Colombo; busy, noisy, horns blaring, cars, motor bikes, tuk …

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Feb 25

Dogs Must Be Carried

I cut out headlines from local and national newspapers and gave them to my Creative Writing Group members. They were invited to pick one and write a humorous/spoof piece based of the headline they had chosen. This is Helen´s first draft response, as written in the session: Dogs Must Be Carried. Dear Sir, I recently …

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Feb 21


Madge   The exercises we do are designed to get us writing regularly; give us practise, ideas for story-lines or appropriate styles, confidence and the opportunity to share with others in a supportive atmosphere. In one session we looked at telling the story through the characters, cutting the explanation and description back. The idea was …

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