Category: Poetry

Apr 24

A Bit More Poetry

A Bit More Poetry Session 17 You will need to get copies of a couple of poems which are easily found on the internet or in The Oxfords Book of Children´s Poems: ‘The Land of Counterpane’ and ‘Escape at Bedtime’, both by Robert Louis Stevenson. Also two real favourites by John Masefield: ‘Sea Fever’ and …

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Apr 21

Let’s Try Some Poetry

Let’s Try Some Poetry       The idea for this session came from The Creative Writing Course Book Ed. Julia Bell and Paul Magrs a resource which I found invaluable when I began my first writing group in 2005. Session 16 This may be two sessions depending on time and numbers. You need to …

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Mar 21

Introducing Poetry And Verse

Introducing Poetry And Verse What is the difference between poetry and verse? The purists will tell you that there is a huge difference, there is a more formal structure to poetry, it obeys conventions, it is more serious in its choice of subject matter and more thought provoking, deep and profound. It maybe brooding and …

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