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Attracting new Members

Attracting new Members via a Writing Competition

Posters only go so far. Even with today’s social media it helps to be imaginative in bringing yourself to people´s attention. There are a lot of would-be writers out there.

I was writing regular articles for a local magazine and, hoping to recruit some new Creative Writing Group members, I asked the editor if I could set a short story competition. They not only said I could, they suggested I did one every month, which I did for about two years.
The following amusing little story was a winning entry in one of the writing competitions. The author, Adrian did subsequently become a member of my writing group for a while. The story is reproduced here by kind permission of Adrian’s widow, Ann.

The competition asked entrants to complete a story. The first two short paragraphs were given and the maximum number of words was 300.

The Policeman’s Lot
by Adrian Gilbert

The desk sergeant stared incredulously at the young man who walked into the police station, stopped halfway to the desk and began to take off his clothes.

Now, just a minute…,’ he began, then stopped, his mouth hanging open, at the sight that met his gaze.

Behind him the other officers rose from their seats and then froze in disbelief. The young man stood perfectly still, his head hanging in an attitude of total dejection, his arms loose at his sides. For a few moments there was silence then the desk sergeant regained his composure sufficiently to utter a training manual phrase.

‘What can we do for you sir?’

‘I thought you might be able to help,’ the young man said timidly. Sergeant Mills conjured up another dependable stock question.

‘May I ask you what brings you to Waterlingsea?’

‘We are on our honeymoon.’

The two constables looked about the office then at each other wondering how they had overlooked a second party.

‘I see,’ said Sergeant Mills, staring thoughtfully at the young man’s pink and black striped underwear, ‘and have you found plenty to occupy yourselves?’ The constables chuckled, almost discreetly.

‘The weather hasn’t been very good.’

‘No,’ agreed Sergeant Mills wondering if that was as essential to a honeymoon as a cricket match. He was a police eleven player.

‘We went to the castle museum – not many people about. She persuaded me to try it on.’

‘I don´t suppose the curator was impressed.’

‘He said they hadn’t got a key.’

Sergeant Mills picked up the telephone. ‘Hello Jim, Freddie here, at the nick. If you haven’t got a fire on just now, bring the lads up and see if you can get a chastity belt off.
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  1. Could anyone recommend a German writers, poetry or reading club? I regularly visit the island. Although my main residence is I in the uk, I would love to mingle in my native language.


    1. Hi Gaby. If you have facebook you could look for Need to Know Lanzarote (there will surely be a German equivalent) and post an enquiry there. We have had German, Dutch and Spanish members in our group at various times and they have been amazingly good even in a second language but I get your point. I will keep my ears open. Thanks for your interest in the site and don’t hesitate to come along and give us a try if you cannot find a German group.

    • colt simmonds on May 30, 2017 at 6:27 pm
    • Reply

    hello, I want to join a writing group. I an in lanzarote most of the time. could someone contact me please.

    1. Hi Colt. We would love to meet you. Find me, Sue Almond on Facebook and send me a PM or turn up at Bar Cohiba, Calle de las Acacias, Costa Teguise Friday 11 am

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