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Oct 04

Travel Writing


Travel Writing   NB. This group session is designed for my writing group in Lanzarote but can easily be adapted for other regions. Give out the first instructions the week before the session, preferably e mail for the links.After the example of the NYT piece on the undersea statues off the coast I would like …

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Sep 12

Starting with vocabulary

Starting with vocabulary Group Session Before the session ask the members to read ‘Gathering vocabulary‘ before you start writing’. Ideally they need a thesaurus with them in class or a tablet or phone from which they can access on line versions. Large sheets of paper or examples of a mind-map will also be needed (See …

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May 21

Keeping it short


Keeping it short You are going to write a very short story with, a beginning,  a middle and an end in 500 words. The aim is to write well, keep the language concise and to make it crisp and well paced. (read Economy of Language and also ‘Sometimes writing less is more’) before beginning this session) NB: …

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Apr 10

Gathering vocabulary before you start writing

Gathering vocabulary before you start writing There are many ways in which you can start to write. If you are doing writing exercises it is perhaps different to already having an idea for a story or a poem or article. Then you already have a focus. If you are looking for inspiration you might look …

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Mar 21

Sometimes writing less is more.

Sometimes writing less is more. It is important to try to avoid ‘overwriting’. Especially in descriptive passages, it is sometimes the case that the writer goes beyond what is poetic and evocative and writes too much, leaving nothing to the reader’s imagination and/or becoming over-sentimental, maudlin or cloying. Using figurative language well is a skill. …

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Mar 12

‘Facts’ and Truth in Stories


‘Facts’ and Truth in Stories In stories which are set in real places and real times it is natural and usual to include some ‘facts’ to give authenticity, or clues if you do not want to be too specific. You might mention actual street names, a famous person associated with a place or historical event …

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Nov 28

Critiques and Reviews

Critiques and reviews Two sessions: Week 1 NB: Ask readers in advance to read : Writing Reviews Ask members to write down a short list of what they think they should look for/comment on, if asked to write a critique of a short story that would be useful to the writer. Share and discuss ideas …

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Nov 14

Where to start your story

Where to start your story Before the session members should read ‘Finding Inspiration for your Writing’ The opening paragraph of a story can determine whether the reader is enthused, curious and eager to read on, intrigued….. Think about ordinary places, shops, car parks, bus stops, seaside promenades, petrol stations…. Extraordinary or just interesting, unusual or …

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Mar 11

Writing Group Session: Writing Dialogue

Writing Group Session: Writing Dialogue Before doing this writing group session, please ask the group members to read the link here Writing Dialogue (Part 1) Task 1 Write a piece that could be an extract from a longer story, or novel. It needs to be written as part of the  text, as it would appear in a …

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Jan 23

Writing Endings for your Stories

Writing Endings for your Stories Bringing a story to a satisfying and satisfactory ending is an important skill. If you write, as many do, by letting the story unfold, with minimal advance planning and no real idea how it is going to end then it takes discipline to decide on the best type ending. If …

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