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Jun 06

‘Bite Size’ histories of Lanzarote Chapter 5: Industrial Evolution

Castillo San José built in the 18th century on the orders of the King of Spain.. Known a 'Forteleza del Hambre'its construction frovided employment for the starving population

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 5: Industrial Evolution   ‘What did the people do here before the tourists came?’ It’s a frequent and understandable question, given that the vast majority of the population is dependent, directly or indirectly on tourism. But, this island seems to have a history of having one major industry at …

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May 15

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 4: Living on a Hot Rock

Los Ajaches

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote   Chapter Four: Living on a Hot Rock.   People sometimes ask, ‘Doesn’t it worry you living on a volcanic island?’ The short answer is ‘No.’ The reality is that there has never been a single person killed, as a direct result of volcanic action, on Lanzarote, in recorded history. …

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May 07

‘Bite size’ Histories of Lanzarote Chapter 3: Those who came before

Tabaiba plants growing wild in thw baranco

‘Bite Size’ Histories of Lanzarote          Chapter 3: ‘Those who came before.’   History is normally written by the ‘victors,’ and in praise of conquerors. Understandable, but it does sometimes leave a bit of a gap in the recorded information on the ‘losers’. The descendants of the pre-Hispanic settlers of the Canaries, …

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