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Jan 20

Title? Action? Characters?

Title? Action? Characters? A Writing Exercise Read ‘Characters first?’ before the class. You are going to be given a list of best selling books. Hopefully you will have read one or more of them. If not you can add to the list but please choose well-known books or plays. a) Choose a book and write …

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Dec 11

Characters first?

Characters First? Title first? Action first? Characters first? There is no ‘one way’ but some ways of approaching a story work better than others for different people. You may have ‘favourite’ books that you recall loving while you were reading them but about which you remember clearly very little but the title. Was it because …

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Nov 02

What do you think if….?

What do you think if….?   You notice, when a man in a suit bends down, that he is carrying a gun.          What would your first thoughts be? Would your first thoughts and feelings be different in different places….? A woman sits in front of you on an airport bus with …

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Apr 28

Writing for Radio

Writing for Radio   Writing for radio obviously has constraints and conventions that are specific to the medium.  Talking books or a programme like ‘Book at bedtime’ are mostly a matter of finding a skilled reader with a good reading style and voice. Radio Plays are a very different matter and call for a writer …

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Apr 20

Weave me a story of people you know

Weave me a story of people you know Think of at least two, preferably three people that you know quite well, but who do not know each other. They can be from different times in your life and you can change their names. Write down, as accurately as you can, the most striking/significant things about …

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Apr 12

Empathy with your Characters

Empathy with your Characters A Letter to the Author Character profiles make you ask questions about your characters to discover things that you might get to know about real people that you meet, over time; things only a person’s very best friends or family would know and things that a real person might keep totally …

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Mar 08


Viewpoint Think about these ideas about viewpoint and then do the tasks. Discuss the following questions. If there are more than five members you could ask them to discuss them in smaller groups and then report back, for further discussion. Questions that you might consider when reading a story, and, just as importantly, if not …

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Feb 12

Bringing things to life in story telling

Bringing things to life in story telling Group Session PART 1 This session,’ Bringing things to life in story telling’ might usefully follow the session on writing essays which gave members an opportunity to think about anthropomorphism and metamorphosis. Ask them to write down: A farm animal                 …

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May 26

Use names that Stand Out in your Stories

Use Names that Stand Out in your Stories It helps to use names that stand out in your stories when choosing what to call your characters. Some names have a certain connotation, whether we like it or not. There are ‘fashions’ in naming babies and sometimes it is because of association with a celebrity or …

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Mar 02

Using Old Stories to Create New

Using Old Stories to Create New    PART 1 To focus on POV it can be useful, and fun, to try using old stories to create new. (You need a set of cards with the titles of well known stories and some simple opening lines. There are some suggestions at the end for use in …

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