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Dec 14

Mr Men characters in a story

Mr Men characters in a story     Mr Men and Mrs Women! Ask members to read ‘Getting the Character In? http://writersend.com/2013/02/23/getting-a-character-in/ before the class. Briefly discuss getting a character in and give more examples: Ian McEwan: Enduring Love ‘—-the girl was being helped through the menu by her father who, like me these days, …

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Dec 04

Focus on one character

Focus on one character Task 1   In the first exercise ask each member to think of a character. To do this quickly it might help to think of a real person, who is unknown to the group. In a maximum of five lines describe your character. Focus on attitudes, circumstances and personality rather than …

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Jun 17

Characters in search of a story

Characters in search of a story Some writers begin with a plot that they outline and then fill out with characters and details. Some claim that they ‘just start writing’ with no idea where it is going to go. Others start with a character, or a setting, or a concept or issue that they want …

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Sep 05

Writing Characters

Writing Characters Recently we found our way into a story by looking at an event from the viewpoint of three different characters (Take Three Characters).This forced us from the start, to look in different ways at what the story was about and also to think carefully about the characters and their personalities and to consider …

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Jul 13

Writing about when ‘something went wrong’

Writing about when ‘something went wrong’ Saying ‘something went wrong’ suggests strongly that the speaker, or writer, does not know what it was that went wrong. Otherwise why not just say, someone was late, the person responsible did not place the order, the wrong part was fitted, the customer did not pay the bill…. If …

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Jun 20

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters

Writing Exercise: Take Three Characters. There is always another way to approach a story. In this exercise, which may take two or three sessions to complete, you are asked to start by deciding what has happened. The story is about an event that is somehow significant in the lives of three people. Suggestions: Bereavement and …

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May 15

Writing for Radio (Activity)

Writing for Radio (Activity)   Ask the members to read ‘Writing for Radio; Advice and Information’ before the class. Talking books or a programme like ‘Book at Bedtime’ are mostly a matter of finding a skilled reader with a good reading style and voice. Radio Plays are a very different matter and call for a …

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Mar 06

Stock Characters

Stock Characters Group Session Members should read the post ‘ Pitching a character’ on the blog before the session, ‘Stock Characters’ and remind them to feel free to click on related tags and links for further advice. Look at the list of expressions often used in descriptions of stock characters, or stereotypes, below and mentally note …

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Mar 02

A Letter to the Author

A Letter to the Author Character profiles are useful and some writers find them invaluable. There are examples available on line but you may find that it is better to make up your own and keep them, perhaps adding to them or modifying them. They make you ask questions about your characters to discover things …

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Feb 23

The Green Alarm Clock

The Green Alarm Clock   A story from Ray, written, from start to finish in a Creative Writing Group Session in which the brief was to bring to life and express the personality of a character that was an anthropomorphised, inanimate object.   I’m a green alarm clock or to be more specific, a green …

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