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Jan 08

Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence Think of something that has happened to you that was potentially more exciting, funny or disastrous than it actually turned out eg. Someone makes a pass but it turns out they were not speaking to you and you came dangerously close to ‘making a fool of yourself’. Someone picks up your shopping with …

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Nov 29

Action first

Action First Homework:  Ask members to read the link before class http://writersend.com/2013/05/24/where-to-start/   AND do No 1: Write an opening in not more than 3 sentence which will catch the readers curiosity and interest immediately, set in a shop or a cemetery. Sometimes you just know from the first sentence that a book is going …

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Jun 01


EVERYTHING’S COMING UP ROSES   BY ‘everyonesacritic.com’   Luring holiday-makers away from the bars and beaches of Lanzarote into a two hour show of spoken word and music would sound like Mission Impossible, and even if Tom Cruise were their star guest, Lanzarote Creative Writing Group might find it tough.   However May’s edition of …

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Feb 09

Midnight at the Oasis

Midnight at the Oasis A travel piece from one of our Creative Writing Group members:   ….send your camel to bed.   It´s not quite like that anymore. Camels – those ships of the desert – have been replaced by pick-up trucks and 4 X 4s. But don´t let that put you off a visit …

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Jun 10

Dressing to set the scene

Dressing to set the scene   Ask the class to read the post ‘Establishing the setting’ before the class. Focus on clothing. It has always worked as a visual clue, on book covers (Ideally have a couple of good examples to hand) or in film for example where the period pieces are easily established, as …

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May 05

A True Story

A True Story.   Although he was unable to attend the session ‘Creating the setting‘ one of our members, Ray, decided to read the post ‘Establishing the setting’ and have a go at the writing task He came up with this piece, based, he assures me, on a true story:   I remember it like yesterday, a …

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Apr 23

Establishing the setting

Establishing the setting   When thinking about establishing the setting for your story it is helpful to find things that can be used to help to create atmosphere, rather than just provide a physical description of where the action takes place. It is actually not necessary for the reader to imagine the physical scene exactly …

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Mar 20


Canada by Richard Ford Canada is an unusual book, not least in its title. There is one brief reference to Canada in Part One and the action does not move to Canada until Part Two, by which time you are half way through the book! The narrator, Dell begins by telling the reader that he …

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Mar 06

Stock Characters

Stock Characters Group Session Members should read the post ‘ Pitching a character’ on the blog before the session, ‘Stock Characters’ and remind them to feel free to click on related tags and links for further advice. Look at the list of expressions often used in descriptions of stock characters, or stereotypes, below and mentally note …

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Sep 05

Using what we learn in the Writing Group

Using what we learn in the Writing Group   We want to feel that we are using what we learn in the Writing Group, not just practising the skills we pick out in the session but bringing into play those that we have focused on in previous weeks. Homework: It would be useful to ask …

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