Tag: Dialogue

Jun 12

Writing a Radio Play

Writing a Radio Play This activity is intended to follow the sessions on ‘Dialogue’, in which we saw how much we can convey in dialogue in stories. See: http://writersend.com/2016/03/11/writing-group-session-writing-dialogue/ Now the members are going to tell a story virtually all in dialogue by writing a radio play. They should read the following before the session: …

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Mar 11

Writing Group Session: Writing Dialogue

Writing Group Session: Writing Dialogue Before doing this writing group session, please ask the group members to read the link here Writing Dialogue (Part 1) Task 1 Write a piece that could be an extract from a longer story, or novel. It needs to be written as part of the  text, as it would appear in a …

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Feb 27

Writing Group Session: Unpacking Conversation.

  Writing Group Session: Unpacking Conversation Task 1. To show how important dialogue can be in a story, let’s look at just part of a conversation and see just how much we can guess about what is going on in the story.   Look at the following passages and jot down what you can tell …

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Feb 02

Writing Dialogue Part 1

Writing Dialogue Part 1 When talking about writing dialogue there are two elements to consider: Why and how do we use it? (Part 1) How do we punctuate it correctly? (See Writing Dialogue: Part 2 for few tips about punctuation when writing dialogue.)   In fiction writing there needs to be a balance between dialogue, …

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Dec 16

Book Review: Things We Never Said by Susan Elliot Wright

Book Review:Things We Never Said by Susan Elliot Wright   I liked the book, The Things We Never Said’by Susan Elliot Wright, although at first I was unsure as there seemed to be two totally distinct plots set in two, different periods. I was finding it a little difficult to move between the two for …

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Oct 25

Colourful Writing

Colourful Writing   Session 33 Write a short description/opening, between 100 and 200 words each, for three of the following. Try to make them colourful in that they reveal something about the characters and their moods or dispositions. 1.A grave is being dug, by a single digger, who is alone. It is raining. 2.A lady …

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Jul 20


Speeches One of the most famous speeches in history is only ten sentences long. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is recognised, not just by virtually every American in the world, but by thousands of other people worldwide. It is short, to the point, passionate, dramatic and relevant not just to the American Civil War but to …

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May 06

An Introduction to Planning And Plotting A Novel

An Introduction to Planning And Plotting A Novel There is never only one way to do anything and writing is no exception. Some writers just let the story flow and many admit to having very little idea of where it is going to go before they start. They let the story evolve and then do …

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Mar 04

Language In Conflict

Language In Conflict Session 9 Prior to this session collect a selection of suitable magazines and newspapers, including local newspapers. You need reports of crimes, court reports and reviews of books, films, plays. Also ask members to read, and if possible cut out and bring in, further examples. Copies of one or more novels by …

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Feb 12

Dialogue In Time and Place.

  (You will need copies of the two poems mentioned; you can find them easily on the internet, and the Shakespeare dialogue, in the original and the transposed version The latter cut up into individual lines.) Keeping the dialogue in character is very important to ensure the reader finds it convincing. For a light hearted …

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