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Jan 08

Artistic Licence

Artistic Licence Think of something that has happened to you that was potentially more exciting, funny or disastrous than it actually turned out eg. Someone makes a pass but it turns out they were not speaking to you and you came dangerously close to ‘making a fool of yourself’. Someone picks up your shopping with …

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Nov 10

Over-writing or good description?

Over-writing or good description? Before the session ask members to read ‘Economy of language’. Select two passages from a book that you find to be overwritten or too verbose. Give half the group one passage and half the other, each with a short introduction to the genre and plot of the novel. Members should first …

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Mar 17

Group Session: What Drives the story?

Group Session: What Drives the story? Ask members to read the post ‘What Drives the Story’ on the blog before the session and also to bring along their recent work. In the last few sessions we have looked at ‘What’s in a story?’ from the point of view of genres and what they each need …

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Apr 11

Visit by Gerry Kreibich to Lanzarote Creative Writing Group

Visit by Gerry Kreibich to Lanzarote Creative Writing Group Friday 04 April 2014 We were very happy to have a visit by Gerry Kreibich, to Lanzarote Creative Writing Group recently in which he entertained us with anecdotes, liberally sprinkled throughout his very informative and interesting talk about journalism, and his experience as a lecturer in …

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Dec 20

Serious Editing and Cutting

Serious Editing and Cutting   Inexperienced writers tend to find it difficult to embark on serious editing and cutting back of their work. Once they have put time and effort into writing something, many writers are loathe to discard what they have produced but it is necessary to become more ruthless if you want to …

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Apr 07

More Revision and Editing

The Dice   The Dice by Sandie The sound of something heavy rattling, ominously around inside the box was distracting. He turned it over and over, from hand to hand, all the time he was talking. I knew it was serious then. He had always been so precious about that box of wooden dice. He …

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