Tag: Humour

Nov 15

Waiting for Callback

Waiting for Callback By Perdita and Honor Cargill Elektra wants to be an actor, even if that means dressing up as a spider, pretending to be a carrot for an audition! When Elektra goes to auditions mum goes too, and as Elektra moves from her local acting class into the hands of a ‘legitimate’ agent …

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Jul 23

Fred and Felicity Cockroach

Fred and Felicity Cockroach    A fun poem from one of our members:    Fred and Felicity Cockroach Were working the late shift one night; Fliss was degreasing the floor tiles, Freddie was dusting the light, When two great big, wobbly, pink monsters Came shrieking and running around, Filling the air with their voices; Vibrating …

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Aug 12

Sorry. No time to talk!

‘Sorry. No time to talk!’ ‘Much as I enjoy a good debate, we urgently need to decide which of us will be sacrificed so we can gain some height,’ trilled the deipnosophist, languidly wiping the grease from his chin and throwing the bone of the last chicken leg from his picnic hamper over the side …

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Feb 27

Poetic Reflections on Writing

Poetic Reflections on Writing   A few poetic reflections penned by Helen entirely during the party to celebrate ten years of Creative Writing on Lanzarote. ….escape to a world of dream and thought Where words will spill as methods are taught. What floats your boat, or makes you tick? Anything goes, just take a pick. …

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Feb 21

A Writer’s Dream

A Writers Dream or How to paper the walls with rejection slips   I’d like to write for Mills and Boon Of heroes dark and handsome Or stories of suspense in which There’s kidnappings and ransom Erotic books of love and sex That Editors would bid for Purple prose on every page They’ll really flip …

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Feb 19

Fun Poetry from the Latest Workshop

Fun Poetry from the Latest Workshop   We had a very enjoyable writing workshop in Playa Blanca (Lanzarote) on Saturday 14th February and the group produced some super writing, including short stories, reflective pieces and some fun poetry: Poetry A Poem doesn´t have to rhyme It can but needn´t every time Times it does and …

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Oct 11

The Girl who saved the King of Sweden

The Girl who saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson Review The heroine of The Girl who saved the King of Sweden, Nombeko Mayeki is a mathematical savant, and later it turns out, something of an all-round genius: Born in Soweto in 1961 her life expectancy was short and her opportunities limited, to say …

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Sep 24

Fun With Limericks.

Fun with limericks. Sometimes you need a warm-up exercise or a filler at the end of a session Often depending on numbers a session may not take as long as expected as fewer participants means less to share and discuss. It is useful to have a few fun sessions on hand which can also be …

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Sep 11


Clichés Session 29 Let me be clear, I don’t have the answers, but, I am going to start with a question: What are they? Are clichés useful shorthand, truisms used for emphasis, often tautological and therefore irritating, always irritating? Are they amusing, hackneyed and overworked, witty or a sign of laziness or lack of imagination? …

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Jul 13


A Little Bit of Punctuation Just for fun. Punctuation is important. If it is wrong it can completely change the meaning of the sentence and if reading out loud the reader needs to know where to pause for breath. Can you punctuate the following: Larry where Joe had had had had had had had had …

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