Tag: imagination

Feb 11

Write another story

Write another story Take any song title; an old favourite, one you have a special affinity with, just one you think of on the spur of the moment or even one that you do not like or have never understood! Focus on the title. Think just about the words of the title, what they mean, …

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Dec 27

Get on with the story!

Get on with the story!   This exercise requires flexibility and mental agility. You will need to get on with the story and not dwell on descriptive passages, unnecessary detail or character descriptions. It might be a good idea to play a couple of rounds of a Tabletop Game such as Word Bluff or lateral …

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Oct 27

Mix and match ideas in your writing!

Story Dice As They Landed

Mix and match ideas in your writing! Working with random stimuli: You are going to be asked to take two, apparently unconnected words or concepts and see how imaginatively you can mix and match ideas in your writing by using them to develop a story-line or, if you prefer, a poem or other piece of …

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Aug 08

Photographs as a starting point for a story

.’ Photographs as a starting point for a story ‘A picture is worth a thousand words?’   Look at a selection of photographs belonging to members. Ask each member to start with two that are not their own and jot down what they can tell, from the photograph: when, where who what why…? Discuss the …

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Nov 08

Characters and objects

Characters and objects Part 1 Thinking about characters and objects that they own/use . Example 1. A woman who owns and uses: A powder compact A small hat with a veil A neat, expensive handbag Imagine her and think about her appearance, her dress, her personality, what she might do, where she might live…. anything …

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Nov 02

What do you think if….?

What do you think if….?   You notice, when a man in a suit bends down, that he is carrying a gun.          What would your first thoughts be? Would your first thoughts and feelings be different in different places….? A woman sits in front of you on an airport bus with …

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Sep 26

Finding Inspiration for your Writing, Charity Shops

Finding Inspiration for your Writing   Read Looking for Inspiration: Second hand     Charity Shops   When you are out and about, try finding inspiration for your writing in the second hand and charity shops. Jot down a few interesting items which you are almost sure to find there. Who owned that item? How …

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Mar 21

‘Write an outline for a novel’

‘Write an outline for a novel’ Competition    Following a most interesting and enjoyable visit by author Harry Dunn, to our writing group in February 2016, we prevailed upon him to judge a writing competition to write an outline for a novel. The idea for this came out of his talk in which one of …

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Feb 12

Writing Ghost Stories

Writing Ghost Stories Why do people write ghost stories? Firstly, to entertain; There is little doubt that from childhood on we actually like being scared, as long as we are safe at home in the real world. They are ‘escapism’ of the spooky kind, designed to provide that vicarious thrill. Secondly writing ghost stories, tales …

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Jan 25

The Right Type of Ending can Make your Story

The Right Type of Ending Can Make your Story Read ‘ Choosing an ending for your story’ and ‘Writing Endings for your Story’ before the session. As with the session ‘Choosing an Ending…’ we are going to start by making up a story and telling the beginning and the middle in a 200 word synopsis. …

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