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Jul 24

Writing away

Writing away Writing away is a very simple but effective writing exercise which works well if there are quite a few members present to share their, often very varied responses. It is also useful for extra practice of skills which have recently been covered. If  ‘viewpoint’ has been a recent topic then discuss the main …

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Mar 16

Bringing more things to life in stories

  Bringing more things to life in stories PART 2 (This is Part 2 of, and ideally should follow,  the session ‘Bringing things to life in story telling)’) Display a selection of items, eg opera glasses, bottle opener, tooth brush, candle, clock, crab, nutcracker, pen,egg timer etc Members should study the items, handle them if …

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Feb 27

Poetic Reflections on Writing

Poetic Reflections on Writing   A few poetic reflections penned by Helen entirely during the party to celebrate ten years of Creative Writing on Lanzarote. ….escape to a world of dream and thought Where words will spill as methods are taught. What floats your boat, or makes you tick? Anything goes, just take a pick. …

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Feb 23

The Green Alarm Clock

The Green Alarm Clock   A story from Ray, written, from start to finish in a Creative Writing Group Session in which the brief was to bring to life and express the personality of a character that was an anthropomorphised, inanimate object.   I’m a green alarm clock or to be more specific, a green …

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Feb 12

Bringing things to life in story telling

Bringing things to life in story telling Group Session PART 1 This session,’ Bringing things to life in story telling’ might usefully follow the session on writing essays which gave members an opportunity to think about anthropomorphism and metamorphosis. Ask them to write down: A farm animal                 …

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Jan 25

The Sweet Shop

The Sweet Shop Ask the members to write down, in a few minutes only, a short list of things that they remember from their childhood. Normally you would expect to get lists that include foods, family activities, toys, what they did before TV! ….. Share and discuss briefly. Give out pictures of old fashioned sweets. …

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Nov 01

A Simple Introduction to Writing for Children

A Simple Introduction to Writing for Children In any simple introduction to writing for children the first rule is to target a particular age group and pitch it correctly. Of course some children learn to read more quickly than others but there is a difference between targeting a child’s reading age and age-appropriate content. A …

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Aug 30

Book Review: Before I go to Sleep by S J Watson

Book Review: Before I Go To Sleep By S J Watson Before I go to Sleep by S J Watson is a tense thriller which I thoroughly enjoyed despite reading it almost ‘by accident’ rather than by design. Christine awakens in a strange room beside a man she does not recognise. She has no idea …

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Aug 15

Group Writing Session: Waiting

Group Writing Session Waiting In this group writing session begin by asking members to imagine: You are waiting somewhere in circumstances in which you would probably rather not be there.  You are sitting in some sort of waiting area. You are waiting for someone to bring you news, tell you your fate, end the suspense …

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Jul 30

Choose a Title and Write

Choose a Title and Write     This is meant to be a fun session with lots of freedom to just ‘Choose a Title and Write’ and share something of your own, giving the members of the group maximum choice. Ask the members to write down the following as a list: Flying A Letter A …

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