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Jun 29

More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014

More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014   The annual celebrations of the fiesta of Corpus Christi brings us ‘More Salt Carpets in Lanzarote 2014’.   ( Please click on the photographs to see them full size) These amazing pictures, made in coloured salt every year, decorate the streets of the capital Arrecife as well as …

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Jun 16

‘Pitching a character’ in your Writing

‘Pitching a character’ in your Writing.   Before discussing “’Pitching a Character’ in your writing” ask the members of the group to write two x 50 word descriptions of two characters or two people that they know.(10 minutes) Read the quote from How Fiction Works by James Wood (page 75), ‘there is nothing harder than …

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Mar 26

Stories from Photographs

Stories from Photographs   You need to ask everyone in advance to bring a photograph of themselves as we are going to write stories from photographs. (You might hint that if it is not TOO obvious where it is taken and when, then it might make the writing task more interesting.) It can be at …

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Mar 02

Using Old Stories to Create New

Using Old Stories to Create New    PART 1 To focus on POV it can be useful, and fun, to try using old stories to create new. (You need a set of cards with the titles of well known stories and some simple opening lines. There are some suggestions at the end for use in …

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Feb 15

Testing your Powers of Description

Testing your powers of description: 1.We are going to begin  by testing your powers of description by thinking about describing ‘nothing’. Choose one of the following titles. Take a few moments to imagine the subject. Visualise it as clearly as you can. Titles:  An empty room A paper bag An empty box A blank sheet …

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Jan 30

Book Review: Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris

Book Review: Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris   Five Quarters of the Orange by Joanne Harris, the writer perhaps best known as the author of the highly successful book and acclaimed film, ‘Chocolat’, once again brings us a captivating story of human frailty and individual strength. Her engaging characters are never sugary …

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Jan 24

Myths, Legends and Story telling

Myths, Legends and Story Telling Myths, legends and story telling   Way back in ancient times of myths, legends and story telling in the oral tradition, ballads were sung, epic stories of battles, and myths and legends were told through poetry and recitation. History was preserved and handed down this way. But some stories were …

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Jan 18

Writing exercises

Writing Exercises   It is always worth doing writing exercises and many successful writers use them to continue honing their skills. Just like physical exercise it tones the relevant parts and leaves you feeling good. If you have not got an idea for your next project; if you are suffering from a temporary writer’s block; …

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Dec 02

Book Review: Blood Tithe by Glen Soucy

Book Review: Blood Tithe by Glen Soucy   In a fast paced opening sequence we meet Jeremy Davis high in the girders of an unfinished building and quickly realise that he has supernatural abilities, though clearly he is not immortal as he heads for  the hospital emergency unit after being shot! Fans of Dean Koontz …

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Nov 25

Word Association: Writing Session

 Word Association: Writing Session    Word association: writing session A simple word association writing session will show that words don’t always mean the same to everyone and sometimes a word has more than one meaning. Ask members to write down the first thing that comes into their head in response to the following words: Animal …

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