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Jan 11

What’s in a Book?

What’s in a Book? PART 1 Task 1 Working quickly, read through the following list of things you might look for, enjoy, or feel appropriate to, different types of story or book. Allocate them to the type (see headings below) that you think each best fits into.   Fast action      Descriptive passages      Surprise endings      Conflict …

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Oct 16

Looking Back for Inspiration to Write

Looking Back for Inspiration to Write   When looking for ideas there are an infinite number of places to look, including, looking back into the past for inspiration, for example: Wills and Last Requests Some wills are unpredictable and can cause chaos, disruption, family feuds, legal wrangles or sometimes just hilarity and are a huge …

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Oct 08

Inspiration for your Writing Out and About 2

Inspiration for your Writing Out and About 2   There are all sorts of places to look for inspiration when you are out and about. (But do remember to carry a notebook and use it to jot things down!) Just being observant and asking yourself a few questions will provide you with hundreds of ideas …

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Aug 12

Sorry. No time to talk!

‘Sorry. No time to talk!’ ‘Much as I enjoy a good debate, we urgently need to decide which of us will be sacrificed so we can gain some height,’ trilled the deipnosophist, languidly wiping the grease from his chin and throwing the bone of the last chicken leg from his picnic hamper over the side …

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Jun 28

Writing Exercise: Grasshopper

Writing Exercise: Grasshopper     This is a speed exercise in which members are given only a few minutes to complete a task and then make a mental jump to another. It is about being able to think quickly, respond to a stimulus idea imaginatively but leap from one thing to another, like a grasshopper! …

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Mar 28

Still Chasing That Rhyme

STILL CHASING THAT RHYME by Norman Warwick ‘Still Chasing That Rhyme’ is Norman’s entry for the ‘outline for a novel in 500 words’ competition, judged by author Harry Dunn. Norman has the background knowledge and experience to make this a social history charting the development of popular music, hooked onto a strong story line and …

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Feb 12

Writing Ghost Stories

Writing Ghost Stories Why do people write ghost stories? Firstly, to entertain; There is little doubt that from childhood on we actually like being scared, as long as we are safe at home in the real world. They are ‘escapism’ of the spooky kind, designed to provide that vicarious thrill. Secondly writing ghost stories, tales …

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Nov 15

More about Writing Titles

More about Writing Titles This is a follow on session to http://writersend.com/2015/10/24/writing-good-titles-for-your-stories/ Titles (Add one or more titles, suggested by each member, to the list) Ninety seconds                           Watching Eagles Don’t Look Back                       …

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Apr 12

Empathy with your Characters

Empathy with your Characters A Letter to the Author Character profiles make you ask questions about your characters to discover things that you might get to know about real people that you meet, over time; things only a person’s very best friends or family would know and things that a real person might keep totally …

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Mar 02

A Letter to the Author

A Letter to the Author Character profiles are useful and some writers find them invaluable. There are examples available on line but you may find that it is better to make up your own and keep them, perhaps adding to them or modifying them. They make you ask questions about your characters to discover things …

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